Design, Social Media, Strategy


Project details

Creative Director

Nadine Nedrebö

Design & Strategy

Camila Bascon


Design, Social Media, Strategy

REMIX FASHION by ZALANDO with A$AP Rocky Spring Summer 2017, a campaign created to show different ways of mixing brands, from high to low, giving customers the inspiration to create their own style.

Step into the A$AP Hotel
Featuring A$AP Rocky
Stepping into the A$AP Hotel with inspiring styles in every room. Music Video directed by Gordon Von Steiner.
Focused on awareness, engagement, and conversion, we were able to create content, not only to evoke curiosity but also excitement and interaction.
Respecting the Instagram community language, we created content focused on inspiration and fashion advice. The goal, to make Zalando the ultimate fashion companion.
Digital Hub
Thanks to all Social Media platforms, we created a full customer experience finishing the journey in the campaign’s Digital Hub, where customers could finally start to explore the shop and be able to create their own style.
Programs: Sketch, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder.
Copyright © Zalando SE or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
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